samedi 19 janvier 2013

One week is not enough...

God created the world in one week...
It took me much more to be ready for this project...

But, I'm almost there.
And still looking for very special people that would fit Adam or Eve on their own way.

Sorry if you are just beautiful.
Sorry if you are just the portrait of Adam or Eve.
That's not what I'm looking for!
You would have much more chances if you had just one leg, or arm, or breast... if you would be bald, fat, anorexic, black, yellow or albinos... gay, lesbian, old, immigrant, tattooed, pierced,... or anything that let people think you are the poor guy or the bad guy.

I want people to say: that's true, maybe Adam and Eve looked like that!

But, sorry, yes, there is one thing I can't change... they were nude!

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